Dr. Hector Upegui

Worldwide Market Development & Chief Health Officer, IBM GHHS, International, Germany

Based in Munich, Hector has developed an international profile as a subject matter expert through his work in the healthcare and social sector. His career with an experience of 25 years as a physician in social security fields combines medical aspects with social policy making, as well as operational and management levels, with special emphasis on Coordinating Health and Social Outcomes.

Within IBM Hector holds worldwide responsibility for research, strategy and market development for Long Term Care, disability management, Healthcare and coordinated Health & Social Outcomes (CHSO). He is responsible for strategic initiatives, identifying new and innovative best practices, developing them into business models and then promoting their success and usage around the world, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing in health care and social protection areas.

Previous to this position he joined the Workers’ Compensation Unit of Munich Reinsurance Company in 2001 in Munich Germany, where for 13 years he was worldwide responsible for analyzing and benchmarking workers' compensation (occupational accidents and occupational diseases insurance) primary markets, as well as for providing analysis regarding its interaction with other lines of social security, social services, casualty lines of commercial insurance and health insurance.

TS1 - OSH resilience and sustainability in enterprises

Resilient organizations have the capacity to anticipate, monitor, respond and learn, especially in the face of unexpected challenges. As an emerging concept, resilience in OSH management holds the potential to enhance an organization’s capacity to respond to unexpected and complex risk management situations, by improving the number of things that go right, rather than by reducing the number of things that go wrong. The Technical Session will discuss this potential paradigm shift including the potential application of engineering principles to enhance safety management systems.

Frank Muchiri, Switzerland

Ikenna Ebuenyi, Nigeria
Seong-Kyu Kang, Republic of Korea
Hélène Michel, France
Hector Upegui, Germany

Live : 21/09/2021 - 10:00 EDT - 11:45 EDT
Rerun : 21/09/2021 - 20:00 EDT - 21:45 EDT