Dr. Yogindra Samant

Chief Medical Officer / Chief Adviser, International Affairs, Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority, Norway

Dr. Yogindra Samant is a trained physician and epidemiologist employed as a chief medical officer at the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority. He has a medical degree from the University of Mumbai, India. A Master’s in Public health from the University of Minnesota, USA and a PhD. in community medicine from the Norwegian University of Science Technology (NTNU), Norway.

Dr. Samant has been working in the fields of Occupational and Public Health for over 20 years as a researcher, practitioner and a policy-adviser. Dr. Samant represents the Norwegian government at the executive board of the European Agency for Occupational Safety and Health (EU OSHA), and also serves as an occupational health expert on several European, and Nordic Occupational Safety and Health initiatives. Dr. Samant is also an active member of the management board at the Norwegian Association of Occupational Medicine. He has worked extensively on issues pertaining to Migrant workers and Occupational Health.

Dr. Samant continues to work as a part-time public health doctor engaged in the control and prevention of environmental exposures in the local communities.

SYM21 - Vulnerability: the informal economy, migrant workers, and new & young workers    
Lead: Canada; Organizer: UNIFOR

OSH vulnerability – defined by exposure to hazards in contexts of inadequate workplace policies and practices – is more common among specific groups of workers: migrants, new and young workers and workers in the informal economy. This symposium will examine regulatory innovations to strengthen protection in the context of vulnerability. 

Sari Sairanen, Canada 

Sanjoy Chowdhury, India  
Jinky Leilanie Lu, Philippines 
Florence Moyo, Zimbabwe (TBC)
Cheryl Peters, Canada 
Ela Rydz, Canada
Yogindra Samant, Norway 

Live : 21/09/2021 - 13:45 EDT - 15:15 EDT
Rerun : 21/09/2021 - 23:45 EDT - 22/09/2021 01:15 EDT