Planning your XXII World Congress participant journey

September 20, 2021 will mark the launch date of the very first digital edition of the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work. To help you prepare, here is our guide to planning a successful XXII World Congress participant journey.

Set yourself up for a great digital experience

While attending this digital edition requires way less effort than an in-person
Congress (no air travel!), some diligent planning will definitely make for an enhanced
XXII World Congress experience.

Keep an eye on your inbox

We will notify you by email when the XXII World Congress platform is open. This email will give you access to the platform and allow you access to your participant space.

Pro tip

Bookmark the event platform’s URL for easy access to the XXII World Congress throughout the week.

Complete your profile

Your profile is visible to other participants and will allow you to engage fully in all of the networking activities offered to you. Make sure to upload a picture, connect your LinkedIn account, and add your contact information if you want others to be able to reach you after the Congress.

Get the right hardware

In order to have the best Congress experience possible, we highly recommend you take an active role in all of the activities. For this, it’s preferable that you don’t rely entirely on your computer’s microphone, and instead use an external one (ear pods, for example). While the platform can be accessed through mobile devices and tablets, the experience is not optimized for these devices. We highly recommend that you use a computer for your participation in this digital edition.

Update your Browser

The platform does not require a download or an installation. To make the most of your event, make sure that you have a reliable wi-fi connection (15 Mbps or more), and update your browser to the latest version. Please note that some functionalities, such as live streaming, are not supported on all mobile browsers.


Choose your language

While the event platform itself is largely in English, the opening, closing, keynote and plenary sessions will be simultaneously translated and available in four official languages: English, French, Spanish and German. There will be a small audio icon on each video that will allow you to hear the content in the language of your choice.

Identify the sessions you want to attend

The XXII World Congress schedule is filled with engaging and informative sessions with some sessions running simultaneously.
There are several options that will help you decide which events to attend:

The program schedule

The XXII World Congress program features content that relates to three main topics:

  1. Innovation in Addressing Long Standing Safety and Health Challenges
  2. Implications of the Changing World of Work for Occupational Safety and Health
  3. Advancing a Culture of Prevention

You can identify which session relates to which topic by getting familiar with the Congress program, which is downloadable here. Each session is labelled with the topic it relates to right above its description. On the event platform, you’ll be able to filter out sessions based on their relevance to these topics.


Your participant agenda

For easy identification of sessions that will address a topic that interests you, the event platform will allow you to build your very own participant agenda. From there, you will be able to easily search for sessions that relate to one of these five participant journeys:



The latest research and innovative approaches to solving occupational safety and health issues.


A closer look at both the consequences and the solutions that are brought on by rapidly advancing technology.

Work Organization and Forms of Work

For a deeper understanding of both emerging and rapidly evolving work trends.


Everything that touches a systemic shift towards a culture of prevention.


How the right governance can enhance occupational health and safety.

Video on demand

If you’re having to choose between two sessions or simply can’t make one of them, there is no reason for you to miss out. All of the XXII World Congress content will be available on demand until the event platform closes on October 25, 2021.

Pro Tip

“Take some time out to reflect on what you've learned, on what you've heard and what you've seen, because that way you'll create your own light bulb moments and it's the light bulb moments that make a difference.”

-Prof. Andrew Curran, Chief Scientific Adviser, HSE

Plan your networking activities

The XXII World Congress is the perfect occasion to bond with a global community of occupational safety and health professionals
by exchanging ideas, insights and best practices. The Congress offers several ways to interact with other participants.

Participate in the chat

All sessions come with a chat function for participants to comment, react and ask questions during the session. Keeping an eye on what others are saying in the chat’s content feed is a great way to serendipitously spot interesting people you might want to invite on a braindate.

Create a Braindate topic

Braindates are shorter meetings where you can delve deeper into a topic of interest. These can be one on one, or can be with a group of up to ten people. Head to the Braindate tab in the event platform and add interests and themes that matter to your profile, which will help you get matched with people who have similar interests. When you log into the Braindate platform, you’ll be able to create a new topic of conversation for other participants to join in on.

Browse the Braindate topic market

The market allows you to explore topics of conversation other participants have already expressed interest in. From there, you can easily schedule a braindate to discuss your mutual interests. Once you’ve created or joined a braindate, it will automatically appear in your personal agenda on the event platform.

Conversation Café

These sessions only allow a maximum of 50 participants and work on a first come, first served basis. The Conversation Café is a privileged moment to meet the speakers following a Symposia session. They are informal, collaborative and allow you to interact with experts, leaders and other delegates.

Mingle with journalists

Members of the international media will be in attendance at Congress sessions and during discussions. They will be accredited and identified on the platform through their profile pictures.

Pro Tip

“If there's anything I can recommend it is, really, to join the braindates — they are an incredible way of meeting like-minded people like yourself and growing your network.”

— Erin Oliver, Vice President, Health Safety & Sustainability at Modern Niagara, Canada

Don't miss out!

The XXII World Congress offers a wide selection of enriching content to inform and inspire OSH professionals.

The International Media Festival for Prevention

If anything, the past year has really demonstrated the importance of clear communication in the field of occupational safety and health. It’s therefore fitting that this year we have received a record number of International Media Festival for Prevention (IMFP) submissions. Do not miss the very special IMFP Watch Party on September 21, which will feature the 18 contest nominees. The nominees, plus an additional 30 shortlisted productions will be available to watch on demand in the IMFP Viewing Room during the entire Congress. The winners will be announced at the Special Media Session on September 22.

Poster Presentations

The Congress features a virtual poster exhibition where you can explore over 400 posters. In addition to the traditional poster format, some presenters have also provided video narrations. You will be able to interact live with poster presenters from over 50 countries during dedicated Connection Hall time, through networking and braindates.

The International Safety & Health Exhibition

During the Congress you’ll be able to explore the latest products, innovations and developments in safety and health by visiting different exhibitor booths. The exhibition also features a product theatre where select exhibitors will give 15-minute presentations.

Mark your calendar!

If you haven’t done so yet, register for XXII the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work today.

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