Coming together for prevention in the connected age

Global circumstances are dictating the way we are approaching the organization and execution of the XXII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work in an unprecedented way.

Since its inception, the World Congress on Safety and Health at Work has been a platform for the OSH community to come together, find common ground and share ideas, innovations, strategies, and practical solutions that make work safer. Now more than ever, as the world recovers from a global pandemic, we need to work together, yet find ourselves incapable of convening as we have in the past.

It’s in the spirit of reaching across physical distances to convene and connect that the theme for the XXII World Congress is Prevention in the connected age: global solutions to achieve safe and healthy work for all.

Adversity sparks new opportunities

While high connectivity and the acceleration of information flow and processes create challenges in our field, there is no doubt that these advancements spark incredible opportunities and have given many of us the flexibility to navigate these unprecedented times.

It’s thanks in no small part to digital advancements and communication that we can collaborate with passionate individuals across borders and welcome all of you to the very first fully digital World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.

Prevention must always come first

There is huge potential to make use of new technologies to improve occupational safety and health in a connected, digital world of work. Likewise, technology is enabling us to honour our commitment to health and safety by providing you with a safe environment to exchange ideas and gain a renewed enthusiasm for OSH innovation.