Mr. Andrew Gavrielatos

Executive Director, SafeWork NSW, Austrailia

Andrew Gavrielatos is the Executive Director, Community Engagement, Better Regulation with responsibilities for SafeWork, Fair Trading and Liquor and Gaming in the NSW Department Customer Service.

He has more than 25 years’ experience in senior roles in fair trading, work health and safety, including as Executive Director, Specialist Services in SafeWork NSW. At SafeWork, Andrew was responsible for the delivery of the innovative WHS Roadmap 2022 initiatives, WHS legislative frameworks which underpinned policies and Inspector practice, capability and field support services. He is the Chairperson of the NSW Centre for WHS Research Foundation which includes membership of academics, industry and unions.

Andrew is the CEO of the SafeWork Registered Training Organisation responsible for the training and qualification of NSW inspectors. He has led the delivery of TestSafe Australia commercial services, and specialist technical groups in areas of engineering, hazardous chemical facilities, and workplace health including mental health and return to work approaches. Andrew was also the NSW representative on the Australian Heads of Workplace Safety Authority committee charged with implementing the national workplace safety agenda and harmonising activity across jurisdictions.

Andrew has overseen the implementation of major consumer and worker driven technology solutions including the real time safety reporting App ‘Speak Up, Save Lives” and, Apps to support consumers in their daily transactions.

In previous Executive appointments, Andrew has had responsibility for the strategic management of Fair Trading's contact centre, complaints services, licensing, real estate and residential bonds, community grants programs, education, community engagement and regional services. He is also on the board of the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) Australia, having previously held the positions of President and Vice-President.

Andrew has a strong commitment to the promotion of a culture of safety at work.


Closing Session

Be sure to attend the Closing Session, and experience highlights of the XXII World Congress, along with a few final surprises. We will close with a handover to the Organizers of the XXIII World Congress on Safety and Health at Work.     

Lois Lee, Canada

Cameron Mustard, IWH, Canada
Anne Tennier, CCOHS, Canada
Guy Ryder,ILO, Switzerland
Joachim Breuer, ISSA, Germany
Andrew Gavrielatos, SafeWork NSW, Austrailia
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