Mr. Isaac Abril Muñoz

Head of Work Conditions in Agricultural and Fisheries Department, Spain

Isaac Abril is an Occupational Safety and Health Specialist at the Spanish National Institute for Safety and Health at Work (INSST). Since he began working at INSST in 2002, he has been involved in the field of exposure assessment to chemicals, in particular plant protection products. Nowadays he is the head of the "Working Conditions in the Agriculture and Fisheries" Department at the INSST. President of the Working Group “Agriculture Sector” of the "Spanish Commission for Safety and Health at Work", he has been working during the last 3 years in finding commonly agreed solutions to address the main Spanish OSH challenge in the agricultural sector: the tractor rollover.


SYM16 - Safety Culture in Farming: Growing from generation to generation

The themes of this session include good practices, innovative solutions and effective management to advance safety culture in agriculture. Join the Conversation Café following the session to continue the discussion with speakers and ask questions.
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Isaac Abril Muñoz, Spain 
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