Mr. John Ng

Chairman, Workplace Safety and Health Council, Singapore

Mr John Ng is the Chairman of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council in Singapore. Having led the Council for the past four years, Mr Ng has tirelessly rallied tripartite partners and industry leaders to develop capabilities, raise awareness and deepen industry ownership of WSH. Under his leadership, the WSH Council has sustained Singapore’s low workplace fatality rates – reaching a record low of 0.9 per 100,000 workers in 2020.

In his role as Chairman of the WSH 2028 Tripartite Strategies Committee, Mr Ng brought the tripartite partners together to co-develop Singapore’s 10-year WSH targets and its corresponding roadmap. The targets set were commended by the International Advisory Panel (an international panel of distinguished safety and health experts convened by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower), as achieving it would elevate Singapore to rank among the world’s best.

TS3 - Innovations in tripartite governance of occupational safety and health

The tri-partite model for the governance of OSH policy and regulatory development has been an effective approach to strengthening worker health protection in Canada, and many other countries. This technical session will review global innovations in tripartite governance in support of policy, regulation and standard development. The session will consider opportunities and challenges in the new world of work, and examine how the model has supported a culture of prevention. Panelists will discuss the work of the tri-partite technical committee that developed ILO Convention C190, and the session will include four case studies of tripartite governance experiences in Chile, New Zealand, Singapore and Canada.

Cameron Mustard, Canada

John Beckett, Canada
Marie Clarke Walker, Canada
Pedro Contador, Chile
Michael Dauncey, Canada
Sujoy Dey, Canada
Fiona Ewing, New Zealand
John Ng, Singapore
Rakesh Patry, Canada
Shelley Uvanile-Hesch, Canada

Live : 22/09/2021 - 10:30 EDT - 12:15 EDT
Rerun : 22/09/2021 - 20:30 EDT - 22:15 EDT