Mrs. Louise Hosking

President Elect, Institution of Occupational Health & Safety (IOSH), United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Prior to becoming President-Elect in 2020, Louise Hosking served as a Vice-President for three years. An active IOSH volunteer, a member of the IOSH Consultancy Group Committee and was Chair of our Chiltern Branch.

After graduating from Nottingham Trent University, Louise worked as an Environmental Health Officer for Cambridge City Council and then the Co-Operative, overseeing Environmental, Safety, Health and Food Safety standards across a region of 250 mostly retail units. After a period working in construction, she became Head of Environmental Health & Safety at the Global property consultancy Savills and has developed extensive expertise in the field of commercial property management. She established her own consultancy business in 2005, which promotes a forward-thinking approach to organisational transformation encouraging businesses of all sizes to see the value in trading in an ethical, people-first manner with high standards in governance.

A regular contributor to a wide range of publications and on social media, she can be found speaking not only from the position of an OSH professional but also as a small business owner. In particular, she has championed the use of language to support organisations to see OSH as a positive enabler for their success, challenging others to see OSH as a driver for positive cultural change. Louise is passionate about promoting inclusion in all aspects of her work to encourage diversity of thought and fairness for all.

Louise believes strongly in a people-centred, compassionate approach and her commitment to members around the world will be to create strong pipelines of talent accessible to all so everyone can achieve their personal goals and beyond. She will also be reaching out to businesses, and like-minded organisations to promote the business case for integrating high ethical values. In particular, she will focus on the IOSH priority of human capital, providing support and empowerment at all levels at this especially challenging time.

SYM5 (Formerly S23) - Training for Vision Zero

To what extent can training and education serve organizations on the road to Vision Zero? This symposium examines ways responsible organizations develop a positive, caring work culture and safe, healthy and productive workforces through training and education. 

Louise Hosking, United Kingdom  

Marilyn Hubner, Canada 
Ugochi Obidiegwu, Nigeria 
Davide Scotti, Italy 
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