Ms. Lisa Hollands

Research Associate, University of Vechta, Germany

Lisa Hollands studied Psychology at the Osnabrueck University and San Diego State University. She holds a MSc in Cross-Cultural Psychology minoring in Economics and works as a research associate at the Chair of Business Ethics (Vechta University). Her main projects address the field of social and labor standards in the textile industry.

After working together with a manufacturing firm in China, she took over the operational project management of a research cooperation with an international development organization (GIZ) focusing on the sustainable development of the textile Cluster in Pakistan. With her work she overall addresses the interfaces between management, behavioral psychology, digitalization and sustainability. Her research interests pertain to CSR, workplace culture, labor standards and job attitudes, organizational resilience and digital transformation for sustainability. She has experience as a consultant, trainer and (guest) lecturer at renown universities in Germany, France, Italy, Croatia, Estonia and Belarus and companies at the national and international level.

SYM14 - Strengthening worker health protection in global supply chains

Global supply chains cross national borders with varying standards for worker health protection. The symposium will highlight challenges and solutions for strengthening worker health protection across diverse market systems, regulatory regimes and safety cultures.   

Emily Norgang, Canada

Silvana Cappuccio, Italy 
Lisa Hollands, Germany 
Rakesh Patry, Canada 
Kalpona Aktar, Bangladesh

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