Ms. Magdalena Wachnicka-Witzke

Kasa Rolniczego Ubezpieczenia Społecznego, Poland

Magdalena Wachnicka-Witzke is a Vice President of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS) in Poland, and serves as Secretary General of the International Section of the ISSA on Prevention in Agriculture. She is currently responsible for the areas of communications, international relations, rehabilitation, IT and statistics.

Prior to taking office, she served as Director of Communication & International Cooperation Office at the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund. She has got over 15 years of experience in banking, with demonstrated expertise in agricultural financing. She holds Master’s Degree in Economics and graduated from Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw Agricultural University as well as Warsaw University, Faculty of Economic Sciences.


SYM16 - Safety Culture in Farming: Growing from generation to generation

The themes of this session include good practices, innovative solutions and effective management to advance safety culture in agriculture. Join the Conversation Café following the session to continue the discussion with speakers and ask questions.
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Magdalena Wachnicka-Witzke, Poland 

Magalie Cayon, France  
Sashikala Chandrasekar, India 
Isaac Abril Muñoz, Spain 
Arnd Spahn, Germany 
Päivi Wallin, Finland
Aleksandra Hadzik, Poland
Anne Roudot, France

Live - 22/09/2021  - 13:45 EDT - 15:15 EDT
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ISSA Report

Report from the ISSA

Ms. Claudia Ambrosio, ISSA, Italy
Dr. Mohammed Azman Aziz Mohammed, Social Security Organization (SOCSO), Malaysia
Mr. Marcelo Abi-Ramia Caetano, ISSA, Switzerland
Mr. Bernd Treichel, ISSA, Switzerland
Prof. Brou Yves Yéboué-Kouamé, CNPS, Côte D'Ivoire
Ms. Magdalena Wachnicka-Witzke, Kasa Rolniczego Ubezpieczenia Społecznego, Poland
Mr. Mummahad Mujahid, Saeed Ahmed Awan Centre for Improvement of Working Conditions & Environment, Pakistan
Mr. Malik M. Jamil, Vision Technologies, Pakistan
Ms. Sundas Khalil, Vision Technologies, Pakistan

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