Ms. Sue Weston

Chief Executive Officer, Comcare, Australia

Sue Weston PSM was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Comcare in April 2019, following an extensive career in the Australian public sector.

Comcare is a regulator of work health and safety in Australia. Its jurisdiction is national and covers Australian federal government departments and agencies and over 30 national Australian companies The Comcare scheme also includes roles as a workers’ compensation authority, and as a provider of claims management and workers’ compensation insurance.

SYM3 - Psychosocial factors and developments in mental health at work

This symposium will focus on the prevention of psychosocial risks at work, as well as the challenges of managing mental health in the workplace. Leading examples involving standards, regulations and workplace practices will be highlighted.

Liz Horvath, Canada

Charlotte Grevfors Ernoult, Luxembourg
Janet Nwaogu, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of China
Michel Rodrigue, Canada
Joti Samra, Canada
Steve Tizzard, Canada
Sue Weston, Australia

Live : 20/09/2021 - 14:45 EDT - 16:15 EDT
Rerun : 21/09/2021 - 00:45 EDT - 02:15 EDT