Ms. Vera Paquete-Perdigão

Director, Governance and Tripartism Department, Switzerland

Ms. Paquete-Perdigão is the Director of the Governance and Tripartism Department (GOVERNANCE) at the International Labour Organization. GOVERNANCE provides advice and assistance on a range of topics related to the governance of labour and employment relations.

Ms. Vera Paquete-Perdigão holds an M.A. degree in Economic Development from Vanderbilt University (Tennessee, USA) and Maîtrise ès Sciences Economiques with major in Business Management from Jules Verne University (Amiens, France). She speaks French and English as well as her mother tongue, Portuguese. Prior to joining the ILO, she led a career spanning more than 20 years in development at both national and international levels. She has extensive experience in economic development, child labour, project management, leadership, poverty reduction and gender issues.

Ms. Paquete-Perdigão joined the ILO International Programme on the Elimination of Child Labour (IPEC) in 2001 as Senior Regional Coordinator for Africa. In 2015, she was appointed Director of the ILO Decent Work Team for Central Africa and Country Office for Cameroon, Angola and Sao Tome and Principe (DWT/CO–Yaoundé). In 2019, she was appointed Director of the ILO Decent Work Team for West Africa and Country Office for Senegal, Cabo Verde, Gambia, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau (DWT/CO–Dakar).


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